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  • Make foot-care a part of your DAILY routine, just like managing your blood glucose and diet.
  • Examine your feet daily, looking for any damage to the skin, injuries or changes that give cause for concern, if you discover a problem contact a Foot health Practitioner, addressing the problem early on can prevent further complications later on.
  • If you struggle to check your own feet consider using a mirror to check or alternatively ask someone to check them daily for you, it is NOT recommended that you allow anybody other than a professional to cut your nails for you due to the risk of causing an injury which as a diabetic can make you susceptible to infection.
  • Ensure that footwear is well maintained and that there are no areas such as stitching or labels which rub against the foot causing damage to the skin.
  • Make sure feet are kept clean by washing daily and gently drying, ensure socks or tights are changed daily and as with shoes ensure they are not rubbing the skin.
  • Keeping feet clean and well cared for is the key to stopping any potential problems developing.
  • For further information and advice the website contains lots more useful facts on caring for your feet as a diabetic.
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Useful Foot Care Information Shrewsbury Shropshire

Useful Foot Care Information Shrewsbury Shropshire
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